Viachem Announces Partnership with SiGNa for the Sales and Marketing of ActiveIsom™

SiGNa & Viachem Partnership

Viachem Announces Partnership with SiGNa for the Sales and Marketing of ActiveIsom™.

New York, New York – June 2015 — Viachem, Ltd., recognized within the specialty chemicals industry for its innovative channel-to-market strategies, has been selected by SiGNa Chemistry, a market leader in the manufacturing of stabilized reactive metals, to handle the sales and marketing of Activelsom™ on a global basis.

SiGNa Chemistry, which is based in New York, New York, has developed an extremely unique chemistry that is used globally as a raw material to manufacture a variety of products in the oil & gas industry, portable hydrogen, industrial chemistry, paper manufacturing and olefin isomerization industries.

The company has an expertise in ground breaking chemistries helping to transform the chemical and energy industries.

“SiGNa has entrusted us with the growth of their sales in a number of key industries. ActiveIsom™ is a specialty chemistry that customers and suppliers we are already working with can use.  It’s a great synergy in that we’re already deeply entrenched in their marketplace and can represent their unique offerings,” said Mike Efting, president for Viachem.

“Viachem offers a compelling opportunity to assist with growing the global market share for ActiveIsom™.  They understand our markets and have existing relationships with many of our customers and prospects The model that Viachem works with gives them the ability to move quickly with customers who are already familiar with their services and are comfortable with their reliability, yet who may be unaware of SiGNa’s products.,” said Michael Lefenfeld, founder and president for SiGNa Chemistry.Continue Reading